St. Nicholas Church Hamburg

St. Nicholas Church Hamburg
St. Nicholas Church Hamburg

Like the five main churches in this city in northern Germany, the church of St. Nicholas was of the Protestant religion.

Specifically, the Saint Nicholas Church was built in Neo-Gothic style, and has the merit that between 1874 and 1876 ​​was the tallest building in the world. And even today, being in ruins, it is the second tallest building in Hamburg. Yes. Because the church of San Nicolás is in ruins, therefore it is not a place of religious worship although it is maintained as a commemorative place and above all as a great work of architecture.

St. Nikolai's Spire in Hamburg

Hamburg Saint Nikolai's Spire

Her current appearance is the result of three facts. First, the devastating aerial bombardment of the city of Hamburg during World War II. To this we must add the demolitions that were carried out a few years later to avoid security problems. And finally, in the 1990s, restoration work was carried out to consolidate the entire complex.

On this very site was one of the first churches in Hamburg. First in wood. Later in the 14th century a Gothic building was built. But that temple burned down. And it was not until the middle of the 19th century that the temple that today shows its structure was built.

Its architect was the EnglishGeorge Gilbert Scott, supporter of the Gothic Revival style and expert restorer of medieval temples. Not in vain in his native Great Britain had he worked in nothing more and nothing less than at Westminster Abbey or Salisbury or Ely Cathedrals.

So he was chosen to carry out this imposing work, for which he created a design for a nave that reached 86 meters long and was covered with a vault almost 30 meters high. That is to say, it was a work of great proportions, not in vain the works were dilated from 1846 to 1863. And to finish the needle of the tower it was still necessary to wait a few more years, since it was not finished until 1874 when rose to 147.3 meters. A height that was surpassed on the planet two years later when the Rouen Cathedral, in France was finished

Before and now of the church of San Nicolás

Then and now of St. Nicholas Church

Precisely such a height made it a fantastic reference point for Allied bombing raids in World War II. And yet, although part of the nave collapsed as a result of the war episodes, the tower remained standing and so did many of the temple's walls.

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