Nikola Basic's Sea Organ

Nikola Basic's Sea Organ
Nikola Basic's Sea Organ

The most rabidly current art sometimes proposes completely new paths in which many disciplines merge. This is the case of this work by the Croatian architect Nikola Basic and the city of Zadar. There he carried out in 2005 this intervention on the shores of the Adriatic that he titledOrgan of the Sea

Sea organ in Zadar

Sea Organ in Zadar

This place has become a work of contemporary architecture that is not only seen and walked on, but that those who enjoy it sit on it and even listen to it. In this way it has become one of the busiest and most visited places by all the tourists who come to this beautiful city of Croatia.

But what is it? In reality, they are stairs built with a concrete structure that plunges into the sea and emerges on the promenade in the form of marble blocks, so that passers-by sit there to contemplate the landscape or bathe. But the magic of the work consists of a series of tubes hidden in the concrete that connect the surface with the sea, so that the gentle waves of the Adriatic Sea generate air currents and thus an unpredictable symphony of sounds.

It is about 35 tubes of variable length, as well as their inclination with respect to the vertical, nor their diameters, so thateach one in its underwater and subterranean journey produces different sounds, although identical holes remain visible.

In this way the Basic architect created a work perfectly integrated into its surroundings and that is at the same time part of architecture, urban planning, engineering and music, even of sculpture. And above all it is a place to the delight of people, who spend a good time there trapped by those hypnotic marine symphonies.

In creation he was inspired by the old organs, but above all by an organ built in 1986 in the Californian city of San Francisco.

As soon as it was built, it began to be considered one of the great jewels of Zadar's heritage, an already monumental city with 3,000 years of history. However, the Sea Organ along with another Nikola Basic creation, the Salutation to the Sun located a short distance away, was awarded the European Award for Best Space in 2006 Urban Public, since an audiovisual show is produced between the two, especially at dusk, which is incredibly attractive.

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