Nikola Basic Sun Salutation

Nikola Basic Sun Salutation
Nikola Basic Sun Salutation

This work of enormous originality is the perfect complement proposed by the architect Nikola Basic for his Sea Organ in the city of Zadar in Croatia. In fact, the following year both works from 2005 received the award of being named the Best Public Urban Space in Europe, as a set that transformed this seaside locationAdriatic in the ideal platform to contemplate the sunset every afternoon while listening to the musical compositions played by the waves of the sea

Greeting to the sun in Zadar

Salutation to the sun in Zadar

The Greeting to the Sun specifically is a gigantic circle made up of three hundred glass plates with a diameter of 22 meters. All this conceived as a kind of amphitheater where being represents the Solar System and which is an ideal point every day to watch the sunset.

Those glass plates actually work all day as solar energy collectors, so that at dusk they become a mosaic of lights and colors. In fact, these small solar panels not only generate the energy for this peculiar and original spectacle, but also accumulate enough energy to light up part of the Zadar coast.

In other words, the work of Basic is a source of light, it is a show and it is also an element linked to the traditions ofCroatia, because it works like a solar calendar as the positions of the sun are inscribed on the outside of the circle, as well as a calendar with the dates of each religious festival.

In short, the Greeting to the Sun is an architectural work, but also a sculpture and, above all, an audiovisual work, perfectly integrated into its surroundings. It is curious to see how certain currents of contemporary art are capable of linking the latest technology with nature. Since here every sunset, the sun, the clouds, the sea, all atmospheric agents are part of this enormous source of light energy. It's like one more step is the currents of land art.

Furthermore, it is an urban, maritime and natural landscape at the same time. That lights up and is stepped on, that changes every day, that has become a meeting point for all the city's visitors, who walk on the lights wondering how the whole invention works. Therefore, it is a magnificent example of how technique and art can be combined to provide joy and restlessness to the human being of today.

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