Maurice Denis God's Feast Procession

Maurice Denis God's Feast Procession
Maurice Denis God's Feast Procession

This is a work on canvas painted in oil by the French painter Maurice Denis in the year 1904, and can be defined as one of the masterpieces of this integrated artist within the picturesque group of artists of Los Nabis, where we should also mention creators such as Serusier, Emile Bernard, Pierre Bonnard or Edouard Vuillard.

Procession of the Feast of God by Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis God's Feast Procession

An artistic group very typical of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when Post-Impressionism and the proliferation of avant-garde stylescaused there to be a huge variety of attempts to proclaim themselves different from other artists.

In the case of Los Nabis, it was actually a secret society, whose temple was none other than a flat in the Parisian district of Montparnasse, where they held dinners, at that only very select characters attended.

In general, it is a group of highly educated artists, in which there is a clear taste for music, philosophy and also for the oriental. Not in vain, the name "nabis" was awarded to him by a critic of the time, Casalis, and means "the prophets", since both in his works and in his acts there were always some mysticism.

And all of that shows in this painting by Denis, whichby the way, he also wrote texts describing the aesthetic, philosophical and spiritual principles of the nabis group. Some texts that he very explicitly titled asSpiritual Memories.

A lot of that can also be seen on this huge canvas (201 x 149 cm). We see a scene very much to the taste of Quattrocento. But at the same time sinuous forms and elements very typical of Modernism are incorporated, something that is common in other works by Denis, such as El Bosque de las Musas.

Actually, all Nabis were greatly influenced by late 19th century modernist art, especially its undulating rhythms and highly ornamental character. However, they are able to make him live with his spirituality.

And if Modernism influences the nabis a lot, it does not make it any less Gauguin. In fact, they were founded around him. Although it is true that Gauguin's characteristic cloissonisme that can be seen in the works of Bernard or Bonnard, it is not so evident in Maurice Denis.

On the other hand, in the case of Denis, there is another very important factor and it is the symbolist painting, which means that on many occasions he has literary references for his works, and the plot is very important, while other painters in the group, this plot or thematic factor is only given a very secondary role.

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