Gericault's White Horse Portrait

Gericault's White Horse Portrait
Gericault's White Horse Portrait

Theodore Gericault was a true lover of horses throughout his life and dedicated numerous works to them, and not only in more complex scenes such as the Derby races in Epsom or as important animals of the army of the time, such is the case of the Portrait of the Officer of the Imperial Guard. In fact, he even dedicated individual portraits to them like the one of this white horse that is kept in theLouvre Museum in Paris

White horse

White Horse

It is a portrait in which he seeks the same as in the effigies of humans, since what he intends is to individualize them. He does it this way because of his passion for these animals, but it is also a passion that he shares with the owner of the horse that he portrays, since in this case the horse that stars in the canvas was owned by the main patron of he.

white horse head

White Horse Head

The truth is that there are other painters of the Romanticism era who also portrayed horses, such as the famous Whistlejacket of Stubbs which is exhibited at the National Gallery in London. But few artists of the stature of Gericault dedicated so many works to equines, to which he did not hesitate to make a kind of animal bust, as is the case with his work White Horse Head.

But Gericault didn't just paintfull-body horses or their heads, which are their most emblematic parts. He also dedicated canvases just to represent his rump. And above all, he carried out countless charcoal studies on these animals. Capturing them in any position or scene imaginable.

Gericault's rump

Gericault's Rump

From simple locations in a landscape, to individual or in a herd, pulling a chariot or as a horseman's mount. He even drew several of them fighting with lions and other predators. Evidently these types of works are precisely studies, sketches and tests that the painter made for later large-format paintings, although there are also those that he painted simply for pleasure, and when he did that, horses were one of his recurring and favorite themes.

Study of Horses in a Landscape

Study of Horses in a Landscape

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