Shah Mosque in Isfahan

Shah Mosque in Isfahan
Shah Mosque in Isfahan

This is one of the great buildings bequeathed to us by the important Persian Empire. In this case it is the Mosque of the Shah located in Isfahan, the third city of Iran.

An Islamic temple began to be built in the year 1612 and was not completed until 1630. All this within the Safavid period and during the reign of Sha Abbas I.

Shah's Mosque

Shah Mosque

Its dimensions are about 100 meters long by 130 wide. It also has minarets that reach a height of 42 meters, which flank the central dome that is even higher (52 meters). That is to say, some measures that make it the largest mosque in Isfahan, a monumental city and in which the Sheikh Lotf Allahmosque is also located, which is in fact a contemporary oratory ordered to be built by Abbas I himself in the same square as the great mosque. By the way, this Naghsh-i Jahan square is one of the largest in the world and also one of the most monumental.

Great dome of the Shah's Mosque

Great Dome of the Shah's Mosque

But in addition to its size, the Shah's Mosque stands out for its blue color, present in almost everything on the outside, from the great entrance door to the dome or the minarets. A blue color achieved from a delicate work of tiles thatthey almost become mosaics.

Shah's Mosque Tiles

Shah Mosque Tiles

Furthermore, inside the temple there are decorative elements in the form of ancient paintings, true mosaics and various ornamental elements.

The luxury and elegance of this building is typical of the moment of maximum splendor of the Persian Empire, of which Isfahan was the capital, whose name at that time was: Nesfe Jahan, or what is the same: "the center of the world.”

Iwan in the Mosque of the Shah

Iwan in the Mosque of the Shah

In the Mosque of the Shah you can see one of the key elements of Persian architecture. We speak of the "iwan" or what is the same a space covered by a dome but one of its 4 sides is completely open. In fact, the entire courtyard of the mosque is surrounded by arcades and each of its four sides features one of these iwans, which become a kind of monumental entrances.

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