Wall Street Bull

Wall Street Bull
Wall Street Bull

This is a work made in bronze in 1989 by the Italian-American artist Arturo di Modica. A work that weighs more than 3 tons and that today has become an icon of the financial area of ​​the island of Manhattan in New York, but the history surrounding this sculpture is most curious.

To begin with because it was di Modica who made it on his own initiative and without any commission. Investing a considerable amount of time and money for it. And not only that, but he installed it without any permission in front of theNew York Stock Exchange. Something that happened on December 15, 1989, in the middle of the Christmas period, since he decided to place it precisely under one of the Christmas trees that are placed on those dates.


Bull charging of Wall Street

Logically, he did it thanks to a crane and after installing it, he dedicated himself to distributing brochures with the reasons for such an action. The fact is that the entire play and act cost him more than $300,000 at the time. Even so, at first the act was understood by the authorities as vandalism, and that same day the Wall Street Bull was seized by the New York police.

But the artist had already achieved his purpose, which was none other than to raise the spirits of the population after the economic crisis that had taken place in 1987. For this he created this sculpture, whose real title isBull charging or Bull charging, which is an image of strength, optimism and aggressiveness that leads to new prosperity.

Hence the choice of the attacking stance of the bull, which within the symbols of the stock market would be the most daring stance compared to the other great symbol that is the bear, with a much more conservative tone. Something that, for example, can be found in one of the main stock exchanges in Europe, the one in the German city of Frankfurt, where there is a sculpture group with The Bull and the Bear.

But back to the work of Arturo di Modica. After the Bull charging from Wall Street was removed, popular pressure caused it to be relocated elsewhere. In this way it was decided to install it in another location, specifically in the area Broadway.

This new location has not prevented it from being a kind of emblem of the financial district, as well as a first-rate tourist attraction, since numerous travelers come to it every day who perform the rite of touching it, or a horn, or the testicles, hence they are extraordinarily shiny and polished areas.

By the way, the artist only gave his work to the city of New York, in fact it was still his, and he has taken care to exploit his image rights. And he even put it up for sale, always on the condition that it not move from where it currently is.

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