On the terrace, Renoir

On the terrace, Renoir
On the terrace, Renoir

Of Renoir it has been said that perhaps he is the only artist throughout the history of art who has not represented a single sad or dramatic painting and that is that the impressionist artist is well known for making kind scenes and happy that represented the joie de vivre and the carefree style of the Parisian society of his time, or at least of a part of it, which had sufficient resources to be able to afford it.


On this occasion we analyze a portrait, one of the disciplines most cultivated by the impressionist artist, which is en titled The Sisters or On the Terrace. It is a small oil on canvas with a vertical format that measures about eighty centimeters wide and one meter high. The piece is currently on display at the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States.

It seems that the work was made by Renoir around the year 1881, by then the artist had already achieved great success by presenting his work The oarsman's lunch and at that time Renoir was at the height of his artistic career so he could allow himself to choose what commissions he wanted or not to do, as well as some creative freedom when composing the canvases.

In this way the artist presents us two young people on his canvas, one of them has been identified as Mille Dartaud, an actress of the time who acted in the well-known French Comedy, and a younger girl at her side thatApparently it was his sister. The artist placed the composition on the same terrace where some time ago he had represented the rowers with an oblique railing that pushes the young women into the foreground and with the natural background in a combination of flowers and water that allows Renoir to expand in plain air, the combination of colors and nuances of light.

The young Mille appears represented with a dark dress and a hat of an intense red color that makes her features stand out, which have been represented with great detail by the artist; On the other hand, her little sister has a less detailed face with looser brushstrokes and less definition despite being in the foreground.

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