Tamara de Lempick in a green bugatti

Tamara de Lempick in a green bugatti
Tamara de Lempick in a green bugatti

Throughout the history of painting and art in general, there are not many women who have stood out in this world governed mostly by men; however, we can find some exceptions of women artists who achieved great success, although later, their work was relegated almost to oblivion. On this occasion we will analyzeone of the most famous artists of her time Tamara Lempickaand her work Self-Portrait in a Green Bugatti

Lempicka lived in the interwar period, during the years 1918 and 1939, when the First World War had come to an end and the world was not yet fully aware that another great war was just around the corner. The work of this artist is closely linked to the time in which she lived, close to the modernist movement where the joy of living and latent modernity left no room for the old ghosts of wars or the Great Depression. In this context, the female figure began to be a key piece of modernity, the ladies had already proven their worth in the Great War and now, the female figure was represented as a strong and independent entity.


In 1929 the artist Tamara Lempicka presents a small oil on panel about thirty-five centimeters high and twenty-seven wide. The production of it obeys theaesthetics of decó, although it is also true that in it you can stillappreciate certain echoes of the cubist movement. Lempicka was one of the most famous portraitists of her time and her canvases cost real fortunes. This time the canvas was commissioned by a German magazine that wanted to show a current, modern and independent woman on the cover.

The artist is depicted at the wheel of a green Bugatti, one of the most powerful and modern cars of the time. She appears dressed in gloves and a hat, in a somewhat masculine style, in addition to a scarf in which the speed of the vehicle is sensed by its way of moving. But without a doubt, what most calls our attention to the young lady is her gaze, which becomes the center of attention in the painting, she is firm and arrogant as if with a simple gesture she wanted to challenge us, knowing that she is capable of finishing with everything in its path.

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