The Whittle Arch and Glass Bridge in Coventry

The Whittle Arch and Glass Bridge in Coventry
The Whittle Arch and Glass Bridge in Coventry

All the great architects of our time have the challenge of making all kinds of buildings and infrastructures, in which their form is often completely impressive, novel and almost revolutionary. It is something that all the great current architectural firms have done, as can be seen in London's Millennium Bridge by Norman Foster, the Brasilia Cathedral by Oscar Niemayer, or the Kansai airport terminal in Osaka designed by Renzo Piano. And this to mention just a few of the most emblematic examples.


Whittel Arch

Well, to achieve these novelty challenges, it's not just about architectural creations, but multidisciplinary teams that include engineers and specialists in new materials and their treatments are involved in these projects.

We can see the same thing in the two most characteristic and striking works of the Millennium Plaza in Coventry in Great Britain. These works are the Whittle Arch and the Glass Bridge. An intervention integrated within the Phoenix Initiative aimed at recovering a large part of the city, since this British city was bombed in the World War II. And his recovery has been very gradual. In fact, when we talk about these two works we are referring to two creations from the 21st century, specifically from the year 2003. And since then they have received numerousinternational awards.

The Whittle Arch and Glass Bridge in Coventry were designed by the London firm of architects MJP Architects, however under construction Of these characteristics, as we say, other engineering, research, development and construction companies intervened. All of them of great importance to complete the project.

The Whittle Arch is a huge decorative double arch made of tubular steel. The objective of this construction is to turn it into a focal point for all the urban development carried out here. And at the same time sir Frank Whittle is remembered, a mythical aviator who was a pioneer of jet flights and who was born in the town of Coventry.

The truth is that the steel structure is the most elegant and software was developed for its construction that allowed it to be shaped and stable. A stability based on its foundations and also on the fact that both arches have a single point of union at their highest point, 15 meters above the ground.


Glass Bridge

As for the Glass Bridge or Puente de Cristal it has become the access to the new Plaza del Milenio. And it is a spiral structure, in which despite its name, the most important material structurally speaking is steel, while glass becomes an ornament.

Both one work and the other have become a benchmark for the city and for new architects. And they are treated as tourist elements andartistic, since both receive careful lighting at night that further enhances their values.

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