Frida Kahlo Broken Column

Frida Kahlo Broken Column
Frida Kahlo Broken Column

The vast majority of works that make up the pictorial production of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo are self-portraits. She was his model, for various reasons, since she was the model she knew the most and also her physical handicaps must be taken into account, due to a serious accident that immobilized her for a long time and left her with consequences for life.


Frida Kahlo's Broken Column

At the age of 19, in 1925, she was the victim of an accident between a bus and a tram. That accident injured her entire body, but above all it damaged her spinal column, as well as an iron pierced her uterus, preventing her from later having children.

That accident not only damaged her physically throughout her life. In addition to her movement impediments and her terrible pain and suffering, her situation also had a reflection on her character, which would be overwhelmed by her sadness. All these qualities and conditions are reflected in many of her portraits, but in few of them is she shown in such an evident and palpable way as in this work explicitly titledBroken Column.

This is an oil on canvas that he made in 1944 and which is currently kept in the private collection of the Museo Dolores Olmedo Patiño of theMexico City.

In it we see a bust portrait of the artist, who is painted with the steel corset thathe had to wear to support his body. But not only that, but it opens his torso and shows the inside of his body in which a broken Ionic column appears. On the other hand, his whole body is pierced by nails, as if they were shrapnel that has damaged and disfigured everything. And of all the nails, the largest is in his heart, thus symbolizing that his pain was not only physical. An impression that is endorsed if we look at his face, and we see that she is crying.

The image of her body contrasts enormously with the arid and cracked background of the canvas, especially thanks to the strong colors that characterize Frida's style, sometimes described as naive style, although its theme was not at all childish. In fact, this image is a brutal expression of pain.

It helps that feeling that her pose and gestures have a lot to do with some Christian images of martyrdom. She also shows us her wounds. But she suffers them in a stoic way. For example, she's crying, but her face doesn't express pain, she's holding it in.

The truth is that her art has also been linked tosurrealist paintingat times. Although it is true that she does not paint dreams but her own reality. For this reason, many authors say that the style of Frida Kahlo is simply her own, personal and non-transferable.

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