ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor

ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor
ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor

Possibly the best-known sculpture by the sought-after sculptor Anish Kapoor, a British artist of Indian origin, is The Cloud Gate in Chicago. But in 2012 he inaugurated another of his works destined to be iconic in a city. We are talking about the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London, which was built for the celebration of the Olympic Games that year, and with its 115 meters high it has become the most great of Great Britain.


ArcelorMittal Orbit in London

In fact, it is a panoramic tower that somehow recalls in its spirit other works built in European cities to commemorate major events and that ended up becoming emblems of those cities, as is the case of the Atomium in Brussels or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The truth is that this is not the only similarity that has been established with the Parisian tower, since many consider Kapoor's work to be a Eiffel Tower deconstructed. And it is that the artist and his collaborator, the engineerCecil Balmond, wanted to build a panoramic tower in which there was no straight line. And everything is generated from a kind of ringlets that simulate that the tower is orbiting.

An unthinkable concept in any other material than steel. That is why the work is named after ArcelorMittal, the largest steel company in theworld and who participated in the cost of the work. And of course there can be no better showcase than this work of art that offers two viewing platforms at different heights, and although it can be traveled by elevator, the ideal is to enjoy it with its stairs in order to have different perspectives and orbit it. A sensation that is multiplied if you go down the slide inside it, which at 178 meters in length is the longest in the world.

Steel is the great protagonist of this work, both for the aspect of flexibility it provides and for its peculiar red color. In addition, the construction took into account the Olympic event, a multinational event where they exist. For this reason, steels from different parts of the world were used in the work. And recycled steel was also used.

The work was born with controversy due to its peculiar appearance, but little by little it has been gaining the affection of Londoners. And also of its visitors, since it is becoming the image of the great Olympic Park, located to the east of the British capital. An area that was previously quite marginalized and depressed, while it increasingly receives more investment and tourists, largely due to the image of modernity that the ArcelorMittal Orbit. has given it.

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