Reuterswärd's Knotted Gun

Reuterswärd's Knotted Gun
Reuterswärd's Knotted Gun

Without a doubt, this is one of the most famous sculptures of recent decades, and whose meaning has become an icon of pacifism at an international level. A work that has different copies in different parts of the world, although the original is the one outside the United Nations headquarters in New York.


New York Knotted Gun

However, despite the fame of the work, the name of its author is practically unknown to the general public. Well, its author is the sculptor Carl Fredrick Reuterswärd, a Swedish national.

The trigger for the sculpture was the murder of John Lennon in 1980. After that, Yoko Ono, his widow, asked Reuterswärd to perform a work in tribute to the musician. And he chose to show the most anti-war facet that songs like Imagine radiated. So he created this sculpture of a gigantic-scale Colt Phyton 357 Magnum, which is impossible to fire since its barrel is knotted

Initially the work was going to be placed inCentral Park, in the memorial that evokes the British singer and recalls one of his many songs: Strawberry Fields. A site that is precisely located in front of the monumentalDakota buildingin front of which he was assassinated. But finally it was placed in its current location. A location that has undoubtedlyendorsed its symbolism. And it has given him enormous fame, so much so that there are up to 30 replicas of it around the world. Of course, they vary the size of it in each place.

Furthermore there are even times when different replicas of the Knotted Gun or NON-Violence Sculpture are placed on a small scale and in the same city, so that each of these pistols is the support for different decorations and artistic interventions. Interventions in which possibly the least important thing is the aspect that the work finally achieves, but rather the denunciation that is made with it regarding different conflicts or violent policies.

Undoubtedly it was the great work of Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, an artist born in 1934 and who recently died in 2016. In addition, the presence of a gun with the barrel Knotted is a good example of his sculptural and pictorial production, since he created many objects worthy heirs of dadaism, as in this case. Curious and unusual objects with which he made all kinds of complaints. In other words, under the guise of a wayward artist, he was not dedicated to materializing simple extravagances and occurrences, but was very attached to his time, and there used to be a content of bitter criticism in many of his creations. Creations that on more than one occasion encompassed different artistic disciplines, including poetry or theatrical performances if he considered it appropriate, thus being one of the creators of the phenomenon of the artistic happenings.

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