Church of San Miquel de Engolasters

Church of San Miquel de Engolasters
Church of San Miquel de Engolasters

The Principality of Andorra has up to 50 monuments cataloged in the Romanesque era, and without a doubt the churches are the great jewels of that medieval set. Among them, temples such as San Clemente in Pal, the hermitage of San Joan de Caselles or the church of Santa Coloma stand out, which we have already told you about on another occasion, but now it is the turn of another of the splendid examples of Romanesque architecture in Andorra: San Miquel de Engolasters.


San Miguel de Engolasters

This church in the parish of Escaldes-Engordany can be dated approximately to the beginning of the 11th century, although historians do not give a specific date for its construction. However, analyzing its simplicity makes this dating feasible, since it is a church with a single nave with a semicircular apse, where a curious frieze of arches can be seen. An ornament that would be an example of the influence of the Lombard masters in Andorran Romanesque architecture, and it is very possible that groups of stonemasons arrived here from northern Italy.

However, the most striking element of the exterior is its high bell tower, really disproportionate compared to the rest of the temple. It is a tower that reaches 17 meters in height and in which there are up to three floors with mullioned windows. And they still see each other againdecorative elements typical of Lombard art such as the lesenas or the blind arches.

The tall bell tower, the gabled roof covered with slate stone, the nave with a porch or atrium with stone columns, all this forms a prototypical set of Romanesque art. And to complete it you have to enter its rectangular nave. Precisely at the end of this nave, on the walls of the chancel and the apse, you can see a splendid set of wall paintings, originating from the Romanesque period. Although what you see today is a faithful replica of the originals, which were dismantled from here and transferred to the rooms of the National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona, where you can really see some of the best Romanesque wall paintings such as those from the churches of Tahüll. Some churches also located in the mountain range of the Pyrenees and relatively close to the lands of the Principality of Andorra, although in the case of Tahüll they would be some works already in the territory of Spain, in the province of Lleida.

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