The My Son Site

The My Son Site
The My Son Site

Only part of the monumental complex that was the site of My Son, in the center of Vietnam, has survived to this day. And furthermore, its current state of conservation is in great deterioration, despite the continuous restoration and consolidation work carried out on it. To get an idea of ​​what this place could have been in ancient times, the fact that today only the remains of about 20 buildings remain standing, while at its peak there were up to 68 constructions that made My Son the religious and intellectual center of the Champakingdom in the lands of Vietnam. So much so that even here the kings of the Cham dynasty.


My Son Archaeological Set

However, the history of this place has been quite convulsive, with serious incidents that caused the abandonment and destruction of My Son. And among those events it is worth noting the bombings that it suffered during the Vietnam War by the US army, since a base of the Viet Cong was established there. And in fact, you can still see the craters generated by those devastating explosions.

In short, there is currently a monumental complex that archaeologists divide into 10 groups: A, A', B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K. And in turn in each group of buildings, the remains ofdifferent structures are known by a number, i.e. A1 or B3 for example.

The site dates back to the 4th century, when construction began during the rule of King Bhadravarman. And since then it continued in use as a religious space until the 13th century. A long period in which different Cham monarchs incorporated new buildings generally associated with themselves and the Hindu deities with whom they identified, especially Shiva.

Of the entire complex, one of the most outstanding areas is area B. There is the main shrine that was dedicated to the founder of the complex, King Bhadravarman. However, only its base remains of that splendid building and it can also be seen that it lacked windows, as is usual in the cham temples, in whose walls niches were generated to place lamps there that will illuminate your interior.

In that same area B, there is also a later building, from the 10th century, which was a kind of library and sanctum sanctorum where books and sacred objects were kept. This construction had a boat-shaped roof, and in this case there were windows. In addition to discovering some fine reliefs.

In area C there are structures built in the 8th century and they are all to worship Shiva, whose human image is carved in human form in different places of these architectures.

It must be said that many sculptures have been found here, however many of them are in museums such as the Museum ofCham sculpture from the nearby city of Danang, and even in museums such as the Louvre de Paris. In fact, in France not only are there sculptures of My Son, there are also many heads of figures that were beheaded on purpose in the past.

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