The Bathtub, Degas

The Bathtub, Degas
The Bathtub, Degas

Every certain number of years painting becomes groundbreaking and transgressive with the forms that preceded it and takes new paths that artists explore to the delight of the general public. However, critics and viewers do not always accept the transformations carried out with good grace. If throughout the history of painting there was a group of painters who knew how to break with tradition, those were without a doubt, the impression painters.


The artists who carried Manet by flag imposed a new way of seeing art, forgetting to mix colors on their palette, discarding black in the shadows or simply painting outside of his studio, what they insisted on calling plain air. Something similar ended up happening with the theme that the Impressionists de alt with in their paintings: night scenes in bars and cabarets ended up being the protagonists of their canvases and however, the female nude was one of the few classic themes that the Impressionists they ended up keeping within their repertoire.

The work we are analyzing today is en titled, The bathtub or the tub and was painted by the impressionist artist Eduard Degas. It is a work done in pastel and with an almost quadrangular format that dates from the end of the eighties, specifically it is dated 1886.

The work presents us with a woman in the bathtub who, oblivious to the viewer, bends down towet your sponge and continue with your work. Special attention deserves the frame that the artist has chosen; her point of view is from an elevated position, which is why the work has been captured inlow angle view, in addition the girl hides her face from the viewer as in the entire series of paintings that the artist made on the female nude. For Degas, the important thing was not the woman's face but to focus on the representation of her naked body.

The color is brilliant and it shows the mastery that the artist had of the pastel technique since with a sketched bill he manages to capture a very realistic scene that looks more like a photograph than a painting.

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