Dreaming Horse by Franz Marc

Dreaming Horse by Franz Marc
Dreaming Horse by Franz Marc

Dreaming Horse is a work painted in 1913 by the artist Franz Marc, and it is a canvas that comes to represent a point of union between his previous art and the one that was to come in the following years. That is to say, between his most realistic works (rather figurative works) that he had done previously and the more abstract forms that will dominate his production from now until his death.


Franz Marc's Dreaming Horse

Here, we can still distinguish the most figurative forms that help us to identify the different elements that make up the image. But it is also true that figuration in this case is neither more abundant nor more important than other absolutely abstract forms. In other words, looking at the work, one can conclude that Marc has managed to find a perfect balance between the two.

Y, how has he been able to achieve it? Well, if we look closely we will see that the two horses have been represented with unreal colors, something usual in his art, but he has also been able to conceive them from geometric units. In this way, the figuration of the animals is perfectly harmonized with other elements that complete the scene and that are circles, triangles or cylinders.

he Has turned everything in the image, each of the elements, figurative or not, into a geometry problem. And although he has been able to haveto resort to mathematical formulas to compose the set, the truth is that we, the spectators, can only solve those geometry problems thanks to our imagination.

Let's see an example. The largest horse is clearly visible lying down, sleeping and, after all, dreaming, as the title of the work indicates. However, the body of the animal is crossed by green and also red triangular shapes. What is it about? There is no coherent explanation, however by calling on the imagination we can solve this enigma and think that those sharp shapes do not cause any harm. Quite the contrary. They are the dreams that come to the horse. It is as if the painting, with our essential participation, wanted to introduce us to those daydreams.

In short, Franz Marc is a very personal artist, and it is not always easy to understand his passion for painting animals in so many works. Some of them also have many oneiric components, as is the case of The Dream, which is exhibited at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid.

But he doesn't have to make us think that he was a surrealist painter. In fact, if there is a current to which Marc can be ascribed, it is expressionism. Of course, a very unique and personal expressionism, where animals are very important, as well as color, which he rarely applies with naturalistic criteria.

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