Manzoni's 1,000 meter long line

Manzoni's 1,000 meter long line
Manzoni's 1,000 meter long line

Piero Manzoni has gone down in the Art History books as one of the most irreverent creators of the 20th century and also as an example that nobody knows where the field of creation. And that's largely due to his famous work Artist's Shit that he offered to collectors in different boats.


Manzoni 1000 meter long line

Without a doubt, the audacity of this work is memorable, and an example for better and for worse of many opinions related to contemporary art. But the fact is that the Italian Piero Manzoni (1933 – 1963) has other less eschatological creations, but equally controversial. And one of them may well be this can on display at the MoMA in New York which is titled Line 1,000 meters long.

A work that simply consists of a metal drum that contains a paper inside with a line drawn with ink that extends for a kilometer in length. And of course on the cylindrical and excellently polished metal, there is a label that explains what is inside, as well as the name of the author and the date of completion of the work: the year 1961.

As an artistic concept, provocative, right?

Manzonibegan his career as a painter, but in his last years (it must be taken into account that he died very young at just 30 years old) he entered a artistic side thatyears later it would be called conceptual art.

This work is situated in that field, although he said that it was also painting, since he considered that this discipline did not consist of creating a surface full of colors and shapes, but rather a surface of unlimited possibilities. That is why his Line 1,000 meters long came to represent the total space where a line could extend beyond any problem of composition or size. In fact, he repeated this concept in a series of works, and in them that piece of paper could be one kilometer long or not, since it did not matter because according to him that line could be extended to infinity.

It is clear that this is a work of conceptual art, and very little visual, since the aforementioned line that is supposed to be the protagonist of the matter, is not seen at any time.

In other words, we are facing a first-rate irreverent artist, with works as striking as the two mentioned, or others that come to be authentic performances. That is the case of a series of eggs that he signed with his fingerprint, and that he gave to the assistants of an exhibition of his so that they ate them.

In short, shit in a can, canned lines or eggs to eat are his proposals, they are his works but above all they are invitations to reflect on the concept of art. He is pure conceptual art, although for some they are jokes and even jokes.

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