The Forest of Natalia Goncharova

The Forest of Natalia Goncharova
The Forest of Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova (1881 – 1962) is undoubtedly one of the most eminent and world-renowned Russian artists. In fact, his paintings are hung in some of the best contemporary art museums in the world, as is the case with this work The Forest that he painted in 1913 and is currently part of theThyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.


Goncharova Forest

And not only that, but today she is still a highly valued painter among private collectors, where her still lifes featuring flowers are especially valued, some of which have been sold for huge amounts of money.

The artist was born in the Russian town of Nagaevo, in a rural bourgeois family, of a certain level since she was related to Alexander Pushkinwho was she her great-grandfather. However, the young woman soon left her birthplace and by 1898 she was already inMoscowstudying art. There she would meet her future partner, both professional and sentimental, the Russian painterMijail Larionov.

Soon her art became the subject of interest, especially since it initially relied heavily on the art of theicons of the orthodoxreligion, as well as the Russian folk art. Although it is true that both she and her husband incorporated elements more typical of thevanguards to that baseEuropean, especially futurism and cubism. So they somehow created a new style which has been called rayonism.

With this style it is about creating a way of painting with which it is intended to encompass all existing styles, present and past. But yes, those styles are taken as starting points for perception.

Perception is a key concept to understand what they intended. And it is that they wanted to perceive the world through art, and an essential tool both to paint and to perceive, is light. First they made a study of light, which they then captured in the form of rays. Such a painting was the sequence of rays that allow us to see that image. Hence the name “rayonism”.

This particular style made it easier for him to become known throughout Europe. That and his collaborations with the dancer Serguei Diaghilev, a true creative epicenter for other artists, such as Picasso himself, the musician Erik Satie, or the writer Jean Cocteau. All of them geniuses who came together in the stage preparation of the ballet Parade.

In fact, the success ofGoncharovaand her husbandLarionovwas closely linked to her work with the businessman and choreographer Diaghiliev. With him they traveled across the continent and settled in France. However, the dancer's death also brought a clear drop in his creativity. Although by then his talent was already recognized throughout the artistic sceneinternational.

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