The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn

The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn
The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn

Italian-American sculptor Lorenzo Quinn is one of the most sought-after artists of our time. His clients include not only the richest people in the world, but also institutions such as theUNor theVatican, for which he has worked like his admiredMichelangelo.

The great Renaissance sculptor is one of his great references. But so is Auguste Rodin, since, like him, he works on countless works featuring hands, something the French sculptor already did with works such as La Catedral.


The Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn

However there is still another great sculptor that Quinn also reveres. He is the clay artistGian Lorenzo Bernini, of whom he has studied in depth works such as his David because of the way he achieves movement in an art that is static by nature such as sculpture. And of course he has learned a lot from him, as you can see in this work of The force of Nature.

Lorenzo Quinn's creative process always begins by writing down his thoughts about the work. Something that he even later usually exhibits together with his creations. And in this case his text tells us about the impact caused by recent events such as thetsunami that occurred in 2004 in Southeast Asia or Hurricane Katrina in the United States the following year.

Onesevents that made him reflect on the strength of Mother Nature, and he wanted to do, as in ancient times, a work that would serve as an offering and placate the anger that sometimes causes incredible natural disasters. A reflection that led him to the conclusion that we are not so different from our ancestors, and despite all our advances and technology we are still exposed to natural phenomena that can be of an unstoppable force.

In the play we see a woman who turns around simulating that she is going to throw the globe very far, emulating the hammer throwers in athletics. And of this figure, which is all movement and force, she has made several replicas, always with small variations, and has been placing them around the world.

Thus the work has been seen in London, in United States, in Monaco, in Qatar or in Singapore. Since, as we say, Lorenzo Quinn is an author of enormous prestige at a planetary level. Something that sometimes surprises when dealing with a fully figurative author, because on many occasions the abstract and more conceptual prevail. However, the recognizable and human forms of the works of Quinn are highly admired and valued, possibly because we are dealing with an author with very ornamental characteristics, but at the same time with an enormous depth of thought and spirituality. In fact, on many occasions his works refer to ancient myths, and this Force of Nature is a good example of it.

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