Oppenheim Governor

Oppenheim Governor
Oppenheim Governor

This is one of the most recognizable works by the artist Meret Oppeneheim, one of the women who in the mid-20th century best represented the transgressive style of surreal art.

Specifically we are dealing with a work from the year 1936 and that today is preserved and exhibited in the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in Sweden. A work in which, as usual in the images of Surrealism, objects are played with to generate new and confusing forms. In this case, what looks like a real roast chicken to us is actually two women's shoes, placed on a tray, tied up and turned upside down.


Ma Gouvernant of Oppenheim

The truth is that the name of this Swiss artist (1913 – 1985) may not ring a bell. But on the other hand, it is very easy for the image of this peculiar chicken, or shoes?, to be very popular for you. As is the case with his famous Breakfast skin game which is typical of the MoMA in New York, another icon of Surrealism and who did the same year 1936. And the truth is that in her time she was an artist much admired by her fellow avant-garde artists. For example, Salvador Dalí always praised her. While she learned a lot from Man Ray, with whom she posed for numerous photos.

The truth is thatMa gouvernanteis a very significant creation within her art, since she is characterized by making pieces like a lot of speech,where the most everyday things end up transformed into something completely different. That was somehow a manifestation of his own maverick character. So much so that even though she is asurrealist artist, that didn't stop her from moving away from the more specific genres and traits of that style, and she didn't hesitate to experiment. Granting there a remarkable importance to the world of dreams.

In short, this is a passionate and exciting artist, and at times very difficult to describe and understand. And that has left us a very long and varied artistic legacy. Since she not only painted and made sculptures. She is also known for her great production as a photographer. In addition to that, she collaborated with other artists on a wide variety of projects, such as a set design withPablo Picasso. And in the last years of her life she devoted herself mainly to writing, publishing mostly poems. Which are obviously as personal, dreamlike, and experimental as any of her other creations, regardless of her artistic discipline.

In other words, we are dealing with a highly independent artistic woman, and whose work may not be sufficiently valued, or at least not as well known by the general public, as those of other male artists of her generation

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