Tower of the Moreno de Ribadeo

Tower of the Moreno de Ribadeo
Tower of the Moreno de Ribadeo

The building that we present here in the town of Ribadeo, located on the coast of Galicia, is a phenomenon that materializes a own moment of the economic situation in Spain. The Torre de los Moreno is an exceptional example of Indiana architecture that occurred, especially in the north of the country, at the end of the 19th century and early 20th.


Moreno Tower in Ribadeo

During the 19th century many Spaniards from communities such as the Galician, Asturian or Basque emigrated en masse to Latin America. Many of them stayed there forever, others became rich, and a few (or themselves or their descendants) after amassing money decided to return to their places of origin. And there they expressed their economic power by building large houses and mansions. But they no longer did it following the precepts of the traditional architecture of the place. It was very common for them to incorporate architectural or ornamental elements seen in American lands. At the same time that they wanted their buildings to be very modern, including the latest trends, in order to show that they were men of their time and that they knew the most rabid current events.

An excellent example of all this is the Torre de los Moreno de Ribadeo. A grandiose mansion that the brothers Pedro and Juan Moreno Ulloa ordered to be built in 1915 upon their return from a few years inCuba. And not only did they come from there, they also brought theArgentine architect Julián García Núñez, who was commissioned to design his lavish home. But as if that were not enough, the architect had the collaboration of the engineer Agustín Ardex, who had worked with the great genius of Modernism Antoni Gaudí.

The result was an amazing building in that small fishing village. A construction that used the most modern materials of the time: cement, iron and glass. But it was not only different in the materials from the rest of the buildings, but also in its very eclectic forms. They mix the modernist trends with details seen in Cuban architecture, and even classical elements, like the attention-grabbing caryatids in the graceful dome on the corner of the building.

Furthermore, its interior included novelties never seen here, such as elevators or various bathrooms. That is not to mention the size of the work, which has a plant close to 1,000 square meters, along which two different houses are distributed on two floors.

In short, as we said, it is a stupendous example of the architecture of the Indianos that developed above all in the Cantabrian regions of northern Spain. Where there were towns from which many of their neighbors emigrated to America. In fact, in the town of Ribadeo emigration was a very high percentage, although there was alsoSeveral of them returned, which is why today there are other Indian houses in the town, although none as spectacular as the Torre de los Moreno.

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