XI Towers in New York

XI Towers in New York
XI Towers in New York

In a city like New York, a mecca of contemporary architecture for decades, it is very difficult for a new building to attract attention. And yet this double construction of the Towers XI by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels has succeeded.

By the way, this architect and his signature BIG is increasingly present in New York projects, especially since he participated in the design of Tower 2 of new World Trade Center, the great architectural project of the city after the sad attacks of September 11, 2001. And it must be said that Ingels's participation in that emblematic construction has taken place replacing neither more nor less than the prestigious Norman Foster, author of works as renowned as the Millennium Bridge in London or the Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong.


XI Towers by Bjarke Ingels

But let's return to a more modest, but very attractive work. This is how we can define theTowers X Ithat he has erected in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. These are two small works compared to the skyscrapers in Manhattan, since one measures 91 meters and has 26 floors, while the other reaches 122 meters with its 36 floors.

However, they do not stand out for their dimensions but for their shape. A completely asymmetric shape that is not a mere whim of the author, but that with it he intendedthat one does not interfere with the vision of the other. In this way the result resembles more a dance than a block of flats.

In addition, the materials of its façade help this daring layout, basically huge glass windows and a travertine stone cladding. And the twists and turns in the shape of the facades cause the light to change its incidence throughout the day, generating very dynamic shadows.

In short, it is a very attractive building to look at, and of course it is something like a new architectural challenge, overcome by one of the most projected architects in the world.

By the way, the name of Torres XI has nothing to do with Roman numerals or the fact that it was a supposed eleventh work by this architectural firm. The explanation is very simple: in the previous sketches, a tower was identified with an x ​​and the other with an i, as if it were a second degree equation. And the truth is that some time later, once these two unknowns were discovered, the result is the most unique and innovative.

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