Groningen Urinal

Groningen Urinal
Groningen Urinal

The Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, born in 1944, has headed the OMA studio for decades and has become one of the great creators of the 20th century and what we have of the present century.

From his projects have come such famous and acclaimed projects as the Porto House of Music in Portugal, the BSeattle Central Libraryin the United States, the headquarters of Chinese Central Television in Beijing or the project with which he became a figure of world architecture, the Netherlands Dance Theater in The Hague, the administrative capital of his native Netherlands.


Rem Koolhass Public Urinal

All of them are landmarks of contemporary architecture, and therefore it is not surprising that Koolhaas was awarded the Pritzker Prizein the year 2000, a prize that is considered the Nobel Prize for architecture that has been won by all the great stars of the current architectural scene with which he is always compared, such as Norman Foster creator of jewels such as the Reichstag Dome in Berlin, or Frank O. Gehry designer of the emblematic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

But his work has gone beyond his projects and constructions. He has also exerted an important influence as a theoretician, since he has published several books on the subject. In fact, from the beginning he has arrangedthe practical and theoretical task, to which over time the teacher has joined, being a professor at important universities such as Harvard.

And as if that weren't enough, he has also developed outstanding projects as an urban planner

In short, a character of whom we could show you countless works, many of them on a large scale and that are studied at any architecture university in the world. However, we have preferred to show you here a more modest project, but very interesting.

We are talking about street furniture that Rem Koolhaas designed for the city of Groningen (Groningen) in the Netherlands. Furniture that, for example, includes public urinals on the streets.

In this project he also had the collaboration of a famous society photographer,Erwin Olaf. And between the two they created these elements that are not only very practical for citizens. But they are also attractive and have already been perfectly integrated into the urban landscape, being scrupulously respected by all the residents of Groningen. No one would think of damaging those urinals or painting over that peculiar decoration that can remind us both of ancient Greek pottery paintings and the most current images of a comic.

In short, the talent of the greatest artists is sometimes revealed in the most everyday and functional corners.

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