Nude, Renoir sun effect

Nude, Renoir sun effect
Nude, Renoir sun effect

In this canvas from 1876 that safeguards the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, Renoir once again proposes a play between shadow and sun spots on human figures. In this case he does it on a naked woman, but he also uses it in other group works such as The Dance at the Moulin de la Galette or The Swing


Nude, Renoir sun effect

In other words, it was the typical game of capturing the moment of light and colors of each moment. By the way, in this case Renoir was told that on the girl's body, many of those dark spots had a purple tone. Something that in a very ironic and even cruel way was related to the fact that the model could have smallpox or syphilis. Although, the girl would not have any of these diseases and in fact was for a time one of the painter's favorite models, since he used her in other nudes and even in the aforementioned oil painting of El Columpio.

But although Renoir is one of the greatest painters of Impressionism, the truth is that his painting has a special personality, since he usually uses figures with a solidity and volume that they do not appear for other generation and art style partners.

Specifically, Renoir always painted nude women, but from 1876 is when he seeks to give even more solidity to those bodies. Somehow for this he is inspired by the work of an authorneoclassical like Dominique Ingres, who had painted scenes like the Turkish Bath at the beginning of the century.

And if Ingres influenced him, another artist from the past who interested him when painting female bodies was the baroque painter Rubens, creator of his famous Three Graces and many other women always with forceful and sensual curves.

But it's clear that this is a work from another time, and that's why Renoir's nudes have those influences but are different. Something that is especially noticeable in some very free and fantastic backgrounds, which make the feminine forms seem even more concrete to us.

A curious fact is to know how they made this type of nude paintings, some painters who especially loved to paint outdoors. Well, it is known that in this specific case, the scene was prepared by Renoir in the garden of his house. However, the complete blurring of the flowers and plants in the garden makes it totally unidentifiable.

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