Joe Reginella Monument

Joe Reginella Monument
Joe Reginella Monument

Sometimes today's artistic manifestations have a lot of artifice, not to mention merchandising and a commercial spirit. But of course there are cases that demonstrate the talent of its creators. And today we are going to tell you a very interesting example.

This is the American sculptor Joe Reginella. A sculpture and modeling professional in the sense that he works in the elaboration of sets for television programs or in the theming of amusement parks where sculptural figures made of fiberglass are so common.


Joe Reginella Sculpture

But his skill in modeling and mastery of his profession has been put to use in a more artistic way. In recent years he has dedicated himself to creating monuments to tragedies. But these are completely invented tragedies. Monuments that of course are not installed anywhere, but he is in charge of showing them.

This is the case of a monument that takes every weekend to the docks of Manhattan. It is a monument that evokes a maritime tragedy that occurred in the vicinity of the port of New York, where it is assumed that a tugboat reported a UFO (an unidentified flying object) and shortly after it disappeared for always the boat with its six crew members. In an event that is believed to be the work of extraterrestrials and that coincided with the day of the murder ofKennedy for what has been hidden from the world.

Of course, everything is the fruit of the imagination and talent of Joe Reginella, who has created the monument, removable and transportable to take himself to the docks and tell tourists the story of that catastrophe. But not only that. He has added a plaque signed by a now-defunct New York mayor. And as if that were not enough, he has developed a website on the subject, brochures, souvenirs to sell and even an explanatory short film. All this gives credibility to his image.

An absolutely fantastic fact that he tells, and one that makes money, as some of the tourists who pass there marvel at the subject and buy information and souvenirs on the matter.

It helps, how well he has woven all the information and its disclosure. Without forgetting that the sculpture itself is the product of a true professional, giving it the tragic tone that such a story requires.

It's not the first time that Joe Reginella has created such a world halfway between art and marketing. On another occasion he made a sculpture in which he recreated the fantastic event of the escape of some elegant men from a circus that caused serious damage during the Black Friday of the Crack of 29.

Without a doubt, Joe Reginella is a very interesting case, both from the point of view of creativity and from a sociological point of view.

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