Women with Dog by Marie Laurencin

Women with Dog by Marie Laurencin
Women with Dog by Marie Laurencin

This painting from 1925 is one of the exquisite works held by the Orangerie Museum in Paris by the painter Marie Laurencin (1885 – 1956), an artist difficult to classify, although it is clear that she has many points in common with Modernism and Art Nouveau.

And although his painting apparently has very little to do with what they had done a few years earlier Pablo Picasso with his Misses d'Avignon or George Braqueand her peculiar collages, the truth is that Laurencin is often referred to as the “Lady of Cubism”.


Women with Dog by Marie Laurencin

Actually, that nickname was given to him at the time by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, since for him she was his true muse, as well as his partner between 1907 and 1912 And of course I admired this woman for her courage to try to stand out in a world clearly dominated by men.

Marie Laurencin's style is very personal. She practically always paints women using delicate shapes and very soft colors. Some colors that she repeats in a large part of her pictorial production. In fact, she herself said that she didn't like all colors, and that's why she left aside the ones that didn't directly motivate her. So her palette was reduced to shades of blue, pink, green, white and black. Although over the years she incorporated the colors yellow andred.

And just as it repeats the color, it also repeats the type of woman and beauty that she represents. They are very young girls and angelic in appearance. She seeks elegance more than exuberance.

The faces are repeated, especially black almond-shaped eyes, with very small mouths, always closed and a touch of lipstick that stands out on very light skin. She was a type of woman who captivated many people of the time, and that helped her so that she did not lack commissions. She thus doing a wide variety of jobs, from designing sets for the ballet to book illustrations.

The truth is that she has always worked on that relationship with those other artistic aspects. Since her beginnings, since one of her first jobs was to paint the porcelains of theceramic factory of Sévres. And from there she went to the workshop of a famous illustrator of the time,Madeleine Lamiere, who among other things had illustrated works by Marcel Proust.

And it was precisely in that workshop where sheLaurencinmet the cubist artists, and her Apollinaire who would be her partner. She had relationships with him and with other men, she even got married. But the truth is that over the years she manifested her lesbian condition more clearly, and the truth is that her ethereal women are closely related to her sexual choice. Since they are her ideal of feminine beauty, women who are apparently fragile, but at the same time powerful in her presence and expression.

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