Portrait of Frida Khalo by Lita Cabellut

Portrait of Frida Khalo by Lita Cabellut
Portrait of Frida Khalo by Lita Cabellut

The Spanish artist Lita Cabellut settled for decades in Holland is one of the most sought-after European painters on the current scene. And all this mainly thanks to the tremendously expressionist works in which she usually paints portraits. Portraits of people who have marked her life and also of anonymous beings who live on the street or are prostitutes. Something closely linked to the childhood of this woman born in 1961 in a small town in the region of Aragón.


Portrait of Frida according to Lita Cabellut

But from there, as a child, she emigrated with her mother and her sisters to a big city likeBarcelona. She would spend a hard childhood there, but her story had a happy ending after her adoption by a Catalan family that was the one that paved the way for her towards art.

In fact, she always remembers that it was thanks to them that she once traveled to theMuseo del Prado in Madridand there she met painters like VelázquezorGoya. The latter is one of the great referents of her art and mentions the painting of The Prairie of San Isidro as one of her favorite works. Although it is true that she also declares herself a follower of theDutch baroqueand authors such as the fantasticRembrandt, to whom she even dedicated one of the portraits of her.

However, some of the most famous and sought-after portraits of her are thosethat he has made of other women, generally creators and with quite difficult lives due to various circumstances. For example, she has painted effigies ofCoco Chaneland also ofFrida Kahlo, like the one shown here. Although she has painted various images of the Mexican painter. Since she is a painter who fascinates him with her heartbreaking biography

These portraits are usually of quite considerable dimensions. While the style, as we said at the beginning, is very close to the expressionist art of the avant-garde. And although they are figurative works, on more than one occasion critics have related her images to the abstraction contributed byJackson Pollockand even the SpanishAntoni Tapies.

However, in addition to these and those already mentioned Goya or Rembrandt, there are many other artists who inspire this creator, such as the British Francis Bacon.

In short, Lita Cabellut is a good exponent of a hard-working artist who has gradually managed to carve out a niche for herself in the art world thanks to her perseverance, talent and also knowing how to exploit an artistic vein that has many followers. Therefore, in her maturity, her works are highly valued and reach values ​​of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the market.

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