Brancusi Kiss Gate

Brancusi Kiss Gate
Brancusi Kiss Gate

We are looking at a work that is half architecture and half sculpture that is part of a larger creative and monumental ensemble made by the artist Constantin Brancusi in a park in Targu Jiu, a city in his native Romania.

It is its own version of the great triumphal arches of other times, from the time of the Romans to the times of Napoleon. But Brancusi, instead of dedicating it to evoking military victories, gives it a much more romantic theme: the kiss.


Brancusi's Kiss Gate

A theme that, on the other hand, inspired some of his most iconic works. But unlike his sculpture El Beso, here we are facing a monumental intervention. It is a work that exceeds 5 meters in height and 6 in width. All this made of travertine stone.

Its shape is reminiscent of doors, with very wide columns that support a kind of roof. And on that surface, both the columns and the top are kiss symbols, which are basically two halves of a circle.

This work together with the Infinite Column and the Table of Silence, located in the same park, form this curious monumental complex that he did in 1938. And it is a particular tribute to the events of the World War I, but it is not about talking about victories or great generals as was done in other types of arcs. The purpose ofBrancusi is more related to the triumph of life and love. And that he did it in a pre-war time, with the increasingly incipient threat of Nazism in Germany.

The truth is that over time, the Targu Jiu complex has acquired more symbolism, seeing the events that took place after its completion. It is a kind of hymn to life, and above all to a way of living in peace and harmony.

And that message is also affected by the other two works in the park. Since the Table of Silence is precisely that, a table where you can sit and let time pass, and above all talk with the rest of the people who sit at it. An invitation to dialogue before confrontation.

While the Infinite Column was described by Brancusi as a token of endless gratitude to soldiers who lose their lives in battle.

Possibly the best tribute to the Kissing Gate has been given by the passage of time, since the legend has been generated, that when crossing it you have to kiss it to the person next to us, otherwise bad luck will attack us.

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