9.11.01 by Jack Whitten

9.11.01 by Jack Whitten
9.11.01 by Jack Whitten

Without a doubt, the 21st century began with an event that has marked life throughout the West like few others. We are referring to the September 11 attacks, with the emblematic attack on the World Trade Center among other barbaric acts. That brutal attack has had many social and political repercussions. And of course it is also present in culture and art. There are numerous films inspired by those events, not to mention memorials and monuments, as well as various artistic works.


9-11-01 by Jack Whitten

One worth citing is this enormous painting (305 x 609 cm.) by African-American artist Jack Whitten.

The title of the work is unequivocal: 9.11.01, that is September 11, 2001 according to the particular method of dating in the United States. And his creator starts from his own personal experience to create the work. Jack Whitten (1939 – 2018) was able to see from his house how theTwin Towerswere built, and many years later he was also able to see how they were brought down by the impacts of two commercial planes.

So his work created in 2006 on the huge canvas to which he applied mixed techniques and acrylic, aims to convey all the feelings he had with such an event. But he also wants to raise a reflection. That is why among the elements that he used in that painting there is blood, but also oil and money. In fact, theThe pyramid that can be seen in the background of the image is no less the pyramid that is stamped on the dollar bills. And it is clear that this terrible event must be contextualized in the world economy and geopolitics to try to understand it.

But in addition to that Whitten he also used the powder of crushed bones, silica, ashes, remains of debris, the black of a material such as mica, crystals… In general, everything that evokes the chaos and destruction that came with the fall of the Towers.

In short, we all know this key episode of our contemporary times, and it is clear that contemplating the work of this artist conveys to us the pain and tragedy that was experienced in New Yorkand that spread to many other places in the world. And that happens just by seeing it in a digital reproduction as small as the one we provide here. So you have to imagine all the expressive power of him when he was first exhibited and with all the great size of him in the New York art room ofAlexander Gray Associates

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