Mud Maid by Sue and Pete Hill

Mud Maid by Sue and Pete Hill
Mud Maid by Sue and Pete Hill

Sue Hill and Pete Hill are two sculptor brothers based in the area of ​​Cornwall, in the extreme south-west of Great Britain. A territory dominated by nature and from which they draw much of the inspiration for their works.

A good example is this sculpture titled Mud Maid which is part of the set of three works they did in 1998 for the impressive Gardens of Heligan , known as the "hidden gardens of Cornwall", because it is a historical place that originated around the 18th century, but which in the second half of the last century spent a few decades of abandonment and urban threat. But it has been recovered for a few years now and in this process the works made by the Hill brothers. have been integrated.


Mud Maid by Sue and Pete Hill

There they made this sculpture whose title can be translated as “The Clay Maiden”. And they also incorporated two other works, Giant's Head and the Grey Lady. Each one is made in a different way, but each one of them is perfectly intertwined with the natural space where they are located. In fact, the Gray Lady is a great metallic silhouette in which it is important that it goes unnoticed and that it is the air, the atmosphere and the vegetation that give it shape.

In the case of the Mud Mai we are dealing with a work made from a framewooden structure that serves to support a windbreak net. A mixture of mud, cement and sand was applied to it, and with all this it was modeled to give the figure human forms, charged with femininity and sensuality.

But the original materials of this creation do not end here. Once the sculpture was made, its porosity was used to give certain areas a layer of yogurt. The objective was to favor the development of lichens and mosses on its surface, taking advantage of the semi-darkness of its location and the typical humidity of the British climate.

And as if that were not enough, in the upper part of her head, the shoots of herbaceous plants were planted so that when they develop, they will simulate the girl's hair.

In short, this is a creation conceived for a specific location, taking into account its surroundings and the weather conditions to which it is subjected. In fact, its appearance can vary depending on the time of year in which it is viewed, with a greater or lesser vegetation covering the half-buried body of the girl, which has now become one of the great emblems of theHidden Gardens of Heligan.

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