The conquest of Siberia by Yermak by Surikov

The conquest of Siberia by Yermak by Surikov
The conquest of Siberia by Yermak by Surikov

Vasili Surikov (1848 – 1916) is considered one of the greatest painters of Russian art. Something that is due both to his mastery with brushes and his realistic style, a stylistic aspect widely exploited by Russian artists, both painters and sculptors as well as writers of the stature of Leo Tolstoy or Fyodor Dostoyevki.


The conquest of Siberia by Yermak of Surikov

But alsoSurikovhis realistic style was added by his interest in representing some outstanding episodes in the history of his country. And especially from his homeland: RussianSiberia. In fact he was descended from Cossacks and his father had been an army officer. That is why he was educated as a true Cossack knowing how to ride a horse or hunt from a very young age.

And he felt very identified with the representation of this painting ofThe conquest of Siberia by Yermak, a war event in which even his ancestors had participated

It's a painting that perfectly captures his style. Every shape is perfectly recognizable, from the insignia on the uniforms to the drawings on the flags. Every last detail of the scene represented, each and every one of the characters has been painted in detail.

The general tone of the scene is undoubtedly grandiose, to introduce us to the fury of the battle and thegreatness of the feat. And at the same time the painter is able to give the whole a strong expressive charge, and even some touches of symbolism, undoubtedly much more recognizable for connoisseurs of the history and culture of Russia.

His scenes of him, and more these that have a warrior character show all the Cossack passion of his education. But at the same time, in the composition and structure of the paintings, it can be seen that he was a painter with intense training at the Imperial Academy of Arts. There he spent several years of study in which he is known to have dedicated himself to copying and studying two of his most admired painters: the Italian Renaissance masters:Titianand Raphael.

The fact is that despite some difficult beginnings from an economic point of view, with paintings like this, Surinov acquired a certain prestige and even had relevant commissions and his works were acquired by the tsars themselves, and that is that his paintings perfectly capture an atmosphere of heroism for the history of a people, something that is always to the liking of its rulers.

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