Monument to Galdós by Pablo Serrano

Monument to Galdós by Pablo Serrano
Monument to Galdós by Pablo Serrano

The Spanish writerBenito Pérez Galdóshas various monuments and memorials named after him in theCanary Islands. Something logical considering that this extraordinary and prolific author was originally from that subtropical archipelago nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, located off the African coast. And from there he soon left for the Iberian Peninsula where he made a long career with numerous works, some of extraordinary quality such as his novel La de Bringas, Fortunata y Jacinta or his series of National Episodes, among many other publications.


Monument to Galdós by Pablo Serrano

Notwithstanding the different places that commemorate this writer, few have the beauty and artistic quality of the monument designed by sculptor Pablo Serrano on the island and in the city of his birth from the writer: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

When this sculptor made the work in 1969, he was already highly valued among the most avant-garde international circles thanks to works such as his famous series of Vaults for Man

However, here he radically changed his aesthetic concept when it came to posing this large bronze sculpture that reaches 3 meters in height

On this occasion we see formless and abstract masses in the body to create the imposing volume of the figure, but to this it incorporates very realistic forms, and above all veryexpressive to model both the character's head and face and his hands resting on a cane. The result of this set is very balanced and with it it manages to give it a truly monumental appearance thanks to that authentically architectural body.

The moment chosen to representGaldósis during the last years of his life, when the writer was almost blind and needed a cane to move around. But despite this problem, we see a character that exudes calm and serenity. A figure that in the last phase of his life is already a man highly respected by all and has established a literary chair. So he seems absent from everything, stuck in his own creative world or in his personal intimacy

Without a doubt, the monument has a powerful presence, but the project to create an urban space inLas Palmasto remember one of his most illustrious sons went further of sculpture. An entire square was developed around it, located in the very center of the city. A project designed by the architect Leandro Silva, with whom Serrano would work closely to conceive that garden area with sloping walls that are the ideal setting for this corner for tranquility and to honor this great Canarian writer.

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