Absolute Towers

Absolute Towers
Absolute Towers

A few years ago, these two towers located in Mississauga, in the Canadian city area of ​​Ontario, were awarded as the best building that had been built in 2012 in America.

Although in reality, the two towers Absolute Towers are integrated into a larger complex of five large buildings called Absolute City Center. But it is clear that they are the two tallest, as well as the last to be built and the ones that have received the most praise for their attractive architecture. In fact, because of their undulating and curved shapes, they are known as the name of Marilyn Monroe.


Absolute Towers of Ontario

They are two towers that at first glance seem identical, but in reality one is taller than the other, since Absolute A reaches 170 meters in height and 56 floors, while B “only” has 50 floors and 150 meters high.

The truth is that its construction was the result of an international competition published in 2007 and in which the winner was the project of the signature MAD of Chinese origin, which for the The building itself had the participation of numerous Canadian companies. Until the work was finally completed within 5 years.

The most characteristic thing about the towers is the torsion to which these steel and glass skyscrapers seem subjected, an effect that somehow manages to naturalize the work. grant theman organic aspect and humanizes them. In addition to the perspective they provide varies depending on the place from which they are viewed. It is a very interesting solution to build skyscrapers without the concept of verticality and the challenge of height prevailing. And that is achieved with a turn of 1 and 8 degrees at the base of each floor.

An idea that means that not only do you have very varied perspectives of the property depending on the angle of vision. Rather, each floor, with its balconies, when we look out onto it, can give different sensations of the tower where we are and its neighbor. By the way, some balconies are very important for the environmental sustainability of each home, since they are elements that facilitate insolation in winter and shade in summer, thus saving on air conditioning.

In short, that the architects have not only opted for this form to give rhythm to the construction, but above all because it is a solution to create interrelationships with the environment and with the inhabitants. It is a very important idea for those who conceived the form of the Absolute Towers since they propose it as a way to rehabilitate the area, and that is that Mississauga is a town on the outskirts of Ontario, without too many architectural attractions, so this building aims to provoke emotions and relations with the inhabitants.

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