The Wave in Vejle

The Wave in Vejle
The Wave in Vejle

Denmark has many buildings that are authentic benchmarks of contemporary architecture. And there are them both in the country's capital, Copenhagen, and in the rest of the territory, in cities like Aarhus where the curious Iceberg Building is or in the city of Vejle, in whose port, located at the bottom of the Vejle Fjord itself, stands this building, whose shape could not have any other name than The Wave.


The Wave Building

Its similarity to sea waves and its fluid appearance is clear, which helps it blend wonderfully into the surrounding landscape. In fact, one of the charms is the peculiar reflection that appears on the waters of the port, when they are calm. And it is especially striking at night, when the hundreds of apartments that make up this large residential building are lit up.

The work is signed by the prestigious Danish studio of Henning Larsen, although the architect that gives this firm its name would only participate in the design of the construction and did not arrive to see concluded, since he passed away in 2013.

The truth is that the building began to rise in 2006, but due to its dimensions it was a work that was going to take a while to finish. That is why in 2008, the works were paralyzed due to the great economic crisis that was experienced throughout the world. So work did not resume until2015, when Larsen had already died. And still two more years were invested until its relatively recent completion.

Without a doubt, the wait has been worth it, since it is one of the most acclaimed buildings of recent times. A work that does not deny the inspiration of the Opera House in the distant Australian city of Sidney. A reference that, for example, is much less important in another work by this Danish studio for the same musical purpose, the Copenhagen Opera.

The Wave of Vejle deals with a single building, but in a very harmonic way they look like five waves joined by their ground floor. A creation so attractive that even before it was finished, when construction stopped in 2008 and only two of the blocks were built, it already began to attract attention and was already named one of the best residences in the country.

In short, that The Wave has become one of the great emblems of the Henning Larsen firm, a powerful studio with works created all over the planet and with offices not only in Denmark, it also has very active offices in Germany, Norway, Hong Kong or Saudi Arabia.

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