Modigliani's Blue Eyed Woman

Modigliani's Blue Eyed Woman
Modigliani's Blue Eyed Woman

Amedeo Modiglianihas gone down in history for the many women he painted. And especially for his long series of reclining nude women, which give us the key to his adoration of the female body. A body shaped with a series of aesthetic keys, both in shape and color really unique, as we can see for example in Nude with a necklace.


Modigliani's Woman with Blue Eyes

For those paintings he painted many of his lovers, since among the virtues of this Italian artist was that of being a true conqueror. Instead, there was a woman with whom he fell madly in love and whom he painted countless times, but always dressed. That woman was Jeanne Hebutérne. And she is the girl he portrays in this 1918 work on display atMusée d'Art Moderne de la Villa de Paris


he had met her studying art at theColarossi Academy, where the girl as a young girl was trained to be a painter. In fact, we know some of her works, but when they met,Modiglianifell madly in love with the girl, and Jeanne was fascinated by this artist with a bohemian life and overwhelming personality.

The fact is that she was going to become a couple until death. She stayed with him despite her addiction to drink and drugs, and also despite the extreme poverty in which they lived, since he could not sell aframe. However, they loved each other so much that she even became pregnant with the artist. However, Modigliani's condition was rapidly deteriorating due to tuberculosis.

And on the same death bed, both of them continued to declare their love for each other, and legend has it that one of the painter's last acts before dying was to tie his hands with his beloved, and ask her to accompany you wherever you go. The fact is that Modigliani died that same night, and a few hours later, Jeanne, despite her advanced stage of pregnancy, jumped from a window to commit suicide.

After that, the painter was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris and she was buried in a farther one. But her remains, years later, were permanently transferred to her beloved, and today they remain in the same grave.

The truth is that it was a relationship as passionate as it was cursed, but luckily for us, we still have the many portraits he made of her, where we see a woman who may not be excessively beautiful, but who Modigliani thought was perfect, and above all for their canons of beauty, dominated by stylized bodies, long necks and almond-shaped faces. We see all this in this woman, in whom her eyes are also powerfully striking, capable of attracting anyone's gaze and also possessing an undeniable expressive potential, and that she paints them without pupils.

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