Morpheus by Zaha Hadid

Morpheus by Zaha Hadid
Morpheus by Zaha Hadid

The Anglo-Iraqi architectZaha Hadid(1950 – 2016) before her untimely death, she left many unfinished projects in various parts of the planet, which have gone to ending with a posthumous character. One of them is theMorpheus buildingthat she designed inMacau, which recently opened as a hotel and is part of the complex City of Dreams.


Morpheus by Zaha Hadid

The building has considerable dimensions with 160 meters high and 40 floors. Although the most striking thing is not its volume but its shape. Under an initial shape of parallelepiped, it is discovered that in its broader facades, the center is as if pierced. With large openings of an organic nature, without any straight lines.

Those voids are like gigantic windows that offer amazing views of the city.

And another exterior element that draws the attention is the mesh that, like an exoskeleton, surrounds the entire building. Including the central holes themselves. Such an external structure with such dimensions had never been generated.

That great structure not only wraps the entire glass skin that encloses the building, but also serves to dramatically reduce the number of columns and pillars inside, thus allowing huge spaces to exist completely diaphanous.

The building can be considered astwo towers joined both by the lower part of the atrium and by the highest area. In addition to the air bridges on floors 21 and 35 that cross the large central span. Those are the horizontal joints, while the vertical runs are made by a dozen high-speed elevators. All this to connect all the spaces of a hotel: reception, lounges, dining rooms, restaurants, a large swimming pool in the upper part and more than 700 high-class rooms.

Somehow the work becomes not only a first class architectural manifestation. Also given its external appearance, it can be attributed the character of a colossal sculpture, a building where aesthetics are very important. And if that is not so striking in other parts of the world, it is highly relevant in the city of Macao, where the vast majority of buildings lack artistic personality, they were only conceived as functional spaces within the great city of the game in China. For this reason, when they opted for this daring architecture by Zaha Hadid, it was quite a surprise. However, now that it draws so much attention from visitors, it is believed that this will be the first of the great buildings to be built in Macau in the coming years. Of course, now already conceived as works of art of the 21st century.

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