Schiele's hug

Schiele's hug
Schiele's hug

The Austrian painter Egon Schiele has become one of the greatest examples of erotic art. Although in his time, drawings and paintings of him with naked bodies clearly showing the genitalia, as in the case of the Reclining Woman with Green Stockings, came to be considered pornography. And not only that, he was accused of pornography and corrupting minors, and although he finally proved his innocence, he spent time in jail for it.


Egon Schiele's Embrace

That period in prison seems to have made him moderate a bit in the images of him, and at least the sex scenes or the genitalia of his figures were not so obvious. One example is this oil painting titled The Embrace which is exhibited at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, the capital of its Austrianatal.

And this also coincided with a key event in his life: marriage. He married Edith Harms in 1915, and since then for almost all his paintings with women, she was the one who posed. So what was previously an erotic charge, from her presence it also breathed an emotional and romantic charge. Something that can be seen in this work from 1917.

There is certainly eroticism in the image. We see two bodies almost merged with each other. The result is a single body, a single being, which is still very romantic. But the sensuality is also evident. We imagine the scene and the situation of a couple doing thelove, and there is an implicit dynamism, for example thanks to those rumpled sheets. Just as the silhouette of the bodies transmits vitality to us thanks to the nervous painting of Schiele.

And on the other hand we must highlight the diagonal composition or the chosen point of view to visualize the scene, from above, and the diagonal composition to organize the scene. All of them are elements that highlight the expressionist style characteristic of this artist.

There are many other remarkable elements, such as the great anatomical knowledge that the author possesses, or his wavy, thick and firm lines that surround the colors, or the absolute control of those color fields that seem to frame each other. In short, Egon Schiele, beyond the theme of his paintings, was a complete innovator of painting. He began closely linked to the modernism of his contemporary Gustav Klimt, but soon showed his individual character, and the truth is that it is not known how far his creativity could have gone, since his life, and also that of his wife, were cut short a prematurely. year after painting this work.

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