Guan Yu Sculpture

Guan Yu Sculpture
Guan Yu Sculpture

In other previous posts we have already shown great megasculptures made in recent years in Asia, such as the impressive monument to Genghis Khan in Mongolia. Monuments that have among their ingredients the tone of worshiping the greatest national heroes.


Guan Yu

And if we're talking about heroes and Asia, then it seems inevitable that he will alsoChinapay homage to his most beloved characters like Mao Tse Tung himself, to the one who built this great sculpture. Although, he is not the only character they passionately worship in that country. Another well-liked is General Guan Yu, a military man who lived on horseback between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, in the period of Chinese history called the Three Kingdoms. The fact is that Guan Yu won multiple battles of that time, although he ended up dying in combat in the year 219. And if his figure was already admired in life, after his death he became revered and turned almost into a god, and above all all in the personification of values ​​such as honor, loy alty and justice.

The cult of his figure is still maintained today, and the most palpable proof is this huge sculpture erected in the city ofJingzhou, in the Hubei Province. All this in a project of such epic proportions as the character's legend.

Actually, in 2016 a whole park was built with his name on itcity. And there a 10-meter-high pedestal in the shape of a ship was erected to be the base of the figure. A figure that stands at its highest point, no more and no less than 58 meters above the ground.

A most realistic giant, since we see the warrior with all his attributes, his period attire, weapons and even the bellicose gesture on his face. And of course his mythical crescent-shaped sword, called the Green Dragon Sword, which legend has it that he forged himself. By the way, this sword in the sculpture alone weighs more than 130 tons.

In this work everything is mammoth and also very expensive, since you have to imagine the cost involved in covering the entire figure with several thousand huge bronze plates. Even inside the figure there is a museum.

In other words, we are dealing with a work that is halfway between sculpture, engineering and architecture, which is why its creator, Han Meilin, famous for his facet of designer, he had to surround himself with a multidisciplinary team to execute a construction that is only conceivable at a time of greatest economic strength in China. And in the context of a culture as given to visual excesses as the Asian world.

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