Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque

At the end of the 20th century, specifically in 1993, the Grand Hassan II Mosque was inaugurated in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. A construction that bears the name of the king who promoted it and that was designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau, who undoubtedly had all the means possible to build an incredible work in its realization.


Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Starting with its own location on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. On a spur of land that seems to emerge from the waters, and that was used to refer to the verse of the Koran in which it is said: "The throne of God was erected on the waters".

But it draws attention for more reasons. Starting with its enormous size, since when it was finished it was only bigger than the great temples of Mecca and Medina. Although its minaret, which is over 200 meters high if it was then the tallest in the world, and precisely from its highest point a laser beam is launched that indicates to the faithful Muslims the direction in which to pray, that is, where find Mecca.

The size of the work is impressive, and even more so as one approaches it and you can see the quality of all the materials used and the care that thousands and thousands of workers put into their work. So it is not surprising that the temple is also a real tourist attraction, and in factnon-Muslims can access it, albeit by paying an entrance fee and going on a guided tour.

This is how you can appreciate its huge prayer hall, where with only 78 pillars to support the wooden roof, it covers an area that can accommodate more than 20,000 people.

Everything here is a riot of sumptuousness. From the marble fountains where you can wash to the marble floors that are authentic mosaics of geometric shapes, the tiles and stucco on the walls, or the latticework that filters the light that enters through the windows.

Undoubtedly everything embodies the best of the refinements of the decorative arts of the tradition of Morocco, although at the same time it is a very modern work, and in its design it is not They spared no expense to take into account measures such as resisting earthquakes of a certain intensity, or that the floor is heated for the comfort of the faithful. And there's even a part of its roof that's retractable.

In addition to the fact that the monumental complex includes other rooms such as a library, a museum, meeting rooms and of course a madrasa, or Koranic school.

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