Sound Wave by Jane Shin

Sound Wave by Jane Shin
Sound Wave by Jane Shin

This sculpture made in 2007 is perfectly revealing of the art of the current creator Jean Shin, an American artist of South Korean origin, since she was born inSeoul in 1971, although as a child she emigrated with her entire family to the eastern United States.

That is where she has developed her entire artistic career, which has two well-defined aspects. On the one hand, there is her teaching facet, since she continuously takes courses in various academic institutions. And on the other hand there is the outstanding creative side of her.


Jean Shin's Sound Wave

In this field, her works are always based on the massive use of waste materials. In the case we see here, they are vinyl records, but on other occasions they have been old socks, medicine bottles, broken umbrellas, unwinning lottery tickets, etc. Some materials that she accumulates in huge quantities and that on many occasions she obtains thanks to donations.

All this unites, destroys and rebuilds it, to transform it completely, since one of its purposes is to show how what is mass-produced, impersonally, industrially and very quickly, can become something unique after a slow process of craftsmanship.

In fact, her creations have a second element that defines them. And it is that behind them there is a deep conceptual background. In the case of Sound Wave we seehow he has gathered an enormous amount of discs, which he has melted down to sculpt, or rather model a kind of wave of the sea. A wave that alludes to how technology is passing and is leaving obsolete even the most recent sound reproduction media.

In addition, it also allows everyone to delve into different interpretations. For example, reflecting on the ephemerality of music, or on personal tastes by reading vinyl labels, and even on the necessary links between creators and the industry. It is a sample that the works of Jean Shin are very rich conceptually. He links them to the cultural and social moment. But he never neglects their visual appeal either, sometimes to create a sculpture as in this case, but other times he captures it in video projections or in installations conceived expressly for a place.

She is an artist with enormous prestige today and that is why her works, her exhibitions or her installations are scheduled in major museums in the United States, such as the MoMA in New York, the Washington Smithsonian, or the Brooklyn Museum, the neighborhood you live in.

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