Monument to the victims of Francoism

Monument to the victims of Francoism
Monument to the victims of Francoism

This monument located at the viewpoint of the Valle del Jerte, in the Extremaduran province of Cáceres is a constant reminder of recent events in the history of Spain. There are various works that speak of the transition from Franco's dictatorship to Democracy, such as the painting El Abrazo de Juan Genovés. There are even grandiose constructions symbolizing the terrible dictatorship, such as El Valle de los Caídos where until recently the mummified corpse of the terrible dictator who organized a coup d'état, provoked a civil war and ruled with iron hand Spain for almost 40 years.


Memory Lookout

A dark period in which any opposition to the Franco dictatorial regime was harshly repressed. And yet, until a few years ago there was no monument or memorial to remember the hundreds of thousands of victims who were imprisoned, tortured and murdered throughout Spain, who were later buried in mass graves without their families being able to honor their memory.

That began to change in 2009 when the Historical Memory Law was approved, which aims to remedy the non-pecuniary damage done. And coinciding with that approval, this monument was erected, the first with this theme. A work carried out by the sculptor Francisco Cedenilla Carrasco, who in turn is the grandson of one ofthose victims of the Franco regime who were shot and whose remains had not been located until a few days ago.

He made this group of figures, three men and one woman, all of them naked and representing all ages and conditions. People who are lost and who seem to wander, are afraid, disoriented. The work was actually carried out in 2007, but in his homeland of Castilla la Mancha he was unable to get any city council to give permission for its installation. So he finally got it in the Valle del Jerte region thanks to the local Historical Memory association. Although it is true that the installation permit was requested from 11 different municipalities and only 2 responded.

So he finally settled on this spectacular Mirador de la Memoria on the outskirts of the town of El Torno. And curiously, just a few hours after it was inaugurated, the three male figures were shot.

It has not been possible to know who it was, or why. Perhaps it was simply vandalism, but everything seems to indicate that it was a political action carried out by those nostalgic for the dictatorship. The fact is that when the sculptor heard the news, in addition to being amazed at such an attitude, he decided not to restore those damages and let the traces of the projectiles be seen, since according to him, those shots had culminated his work.

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