Relief of King Decebalus

Relief of King Decebalus
Relief of King Decebalus

We are used to seeing sculptures of enormous volumes, whether ancient or more recent, especially in Asian lands, where there are examples such as the Great Buddha of Leshan or the gigantic bust of Mao in Juzizhou. However, not only in Oriente such works have been carried out. As an example here we show the high-relief of the Dacian king Decebalus, which is cataloged as the largest rock sculpture work in Europe, since it reaches a height 40 meters.


King Decebalus

This work is also located in a really beautiful place, since it is on the banks of the Danube River, in the vicinity of the Romanian city of Orsova. While that bank of the great European river is Romania, opposite is the side of Serbia, and there is another sculptural work, in this case the Tabula Traiana, that is, the Trajan Table which is a historical commemorative plaque that evokes the victories of the Romans over the Dacian people at the beginning of the century II.

So to counteract a current Romanian businessman, he invested close to a million dollars and ten years of work by various sculptors, so that between 1994 and 2004 this work was carved that recalls the King Dacian Decebalus, to remember how he faced the imperial legions that tried to conquer all that area of ​​Europe.

In fact, he ended up defeating the troopswho sent the Emperor Domitian to these lands, and forced Rome to a most humiliating peace agreement. So much so that it seems that this agreement even included the obligation to send engineers to work on the best ornamentation of the Dacian capital. Without a doubt, King Decébalus was a glorious character and for this reason he even changed his original name from Diurpanneus to Decébalus, which we can translate as "Strong as ten".

A character with whom the patron of the work, Iosif Constantin Dragan, wanted to somehow identify, since he couldn't resist carving into the rock of The King Decebalus – Made by Dragan, of course all written in Latin language.

However, it must be said that the triumphant Decebalus had a rather sad ending. With the change of emperor, that is, when it was Trajan who took command, then if he was defeated, and made him a king who paid tribute toRoman Empire. An unfortunate situation for his pride, so that he soon rebelled. But again all the fury of Rome was felt by the Dacian people, who were crushed, and seeing such a debacle, before having to surrender, King Decebalus committed suicide.

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