Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle in the county of Northumberland embodies much of the medieval history of England. Its origins date back to the 5th century when this area was the territory of the Britons, although in the following centuries Anglo-Saxons and Vikings passed through here, with all the clashes and damage that this entailed for the construction. Until finally the Normans at the end of the 10th century built the germ of the great fortress that is seen today.


Bamburgh Castle

And later it became the property of the English monarchy, which for a long time used it as an outpost against the nearby Scottish lands to the north.

The truth is that the location for a border post could not be more striking, being located on a promontory of hard bas alt facing the sea and surrounded by sand dunes. In other words, from here you have a visual command of the environment, something vital from a military point of view.

It also has an undeniable consistency, with thick walls that reach up to four meters thick of hard stone and filling. Even so, the sieges and wars such as the Two Roses took their toll on the construction. To which must be added the moment in which it was abandoned. However, it was purchased by a potentate who recovered it and gave it the appearance we see today.

In fact, nowadaysIt is a sum of spaces from different eras, since within its walls there is a beautiful Victorian palace, with rooms as spectacular as its great hall. In addition to that there is a historical library or towers from different times such as the Clock Tower or Neville Tower. Without forgetting the stable rooms, kitchens, the water well that sinks almost 50 meters deep, impressive doors like San Oswald that face the beach. There is even an 18th-century mill kept.

What you don't see is the old basilica that was built in its inner courtyard. However, it is a good place for archaeologists, since in different work campaigns they have managed to find the remains of up to seven different buildings in that same courtyard.

And everything can be visited, as it has been transformed into a museum. So the Bamburgh Castle is not only impressive for its size (one of the largest in the United Kingdom) and a piece of the British Middle Ages, but it is also a compendium of theEnglish architecture from the 11th to the 19th century, when it was rebuilt by the same Armstrong family who still own it today.

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