We stand together – Humanity Inspired by Sacha Jafri

We stand together – Humanity Inspired by Sacha Jafri
We stand together – Humanity Inspired by Sacha Jafri

The year 2020 is undoubtedly marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected any sphere of man anywhere on the planet. And of course it has also happened with artistic creation. He has done it in multiple ways. Today we are going to meet one of the most spectacular and unique.

This is the British artist Sacha Jafri, a highly sought-after painter among political and cultural personalities around the world. The creator is based in theUnited Arab Emiratesand the arrival of the coronavirus caused him to seclude himself in the glamorousAtlantis hotel in Dubaiand there he set out to create a great picture.


We stand together – Humanity Inspired by Sacha Jafri

Literally. A box of 110 x 28 m. the largest ever painted on canvas, and done with oil and acrylic paint. A painting in which he has spent hours and hours working, and he has done so with the aim that at the end of the work it will be auctioned for several million dollars, and the money collected will be used to supply medical materials and qualified personnel to combat diseases like the one that has confined us this year.

According to his own words, COVID-19 has become the great equalizer of society, since any person, regardless of their origin and social status, can be infected by this virus.

In addition to the creation of him has invitedchildren from all over the world to send him their drawings about this crisis, drawings that he incorporates into the canvas, generating a kind of visions of hope in humanity.

When concluding a work of such dimensions, the idea is to frame it, such work has never been done before, so it will be yet another record that Sacha Jafri breaks. And it is also planned that before it is auctioned, the work will hang for two days from one of the architectural icons of this modern city, the Dubai Frame.

Obviously it is a creation in which various international organizations have been involved, such as UNICEF, UNHCR or theUNESCO, in addition to other venues such as the Emirates government or the Atlantis hotel itself. Without forgetting the support of personalities from the world of sports, cinema, music, culture in general, finance or politics, who help spread the word about this creative but also philanthropic initiative, which is one of the most visible that have emerged this year, where there have not only been pain and deaths from the pandemic, but also the disease has inspired projects full of solidarity.

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