Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg

Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg
Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg

The tallest skyscraper in Europe is located in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg and it is this mass of Lakhta Center that with its 87 floors reaches 462 meters in height. A colossal work of the we alth of Russia, the largest country on earth, which has infinite natural resources at its disposal. Especially energetic, because energy is one of their greatest sources of we alth. In fact, the tower can be seen as a gigantic flame, a shape that recalls the image of the gas company that has promoted its construction and has installed itself in its offices.


Lakhta Center

The work was completed in 2018, and in addition to that use as a business headquarters it has other functions within this area on the outskirts of the city of Saint Petersburg, being the benchmark for an entire district in which have wanted to establish sustainability criteria.

The tower itself has a lot of it, especially when it comes to the insulation of the building. Its facades have two layers, and in reality the organic needle shape has been achieved thanks to the fact that it is about five twisted towers and independent in terms of their glazing. All of them joined to an internal round core that becomes the main structural element. In addition to the fact that all the communications of the building pass through there.

In this way, the plan of the tower simulates to be afive-pointed star, but those five wings rotate almost one degree with each floor, so that at their highest point they have rotated 90 degrees. And from there rises a needle of more than 100 meters.

The height we have already said is considerable, so much so that it has been proposed that the occupation reached 357 meters, while from there it has been decided to create the highest observatory in Europe, equipped with incredible telescopes.

That's about the tower, but the work is much more complex and its name of Lakhta Center already tells us about various constructions. For example, at its base there is a multifunctional building with a peculiar shape reminiscent of a boomerang, and which has a variable height, the highest point rising to 85 meters. And to that will be added a monumental entrance arch as well as a covered space that will serve as parking, storage and for all kinds of functions related to the logistics of the complex.

In short, this is a leading work in European contemporary architecture, and given the climatic conditions of the place, a series of completely innovative measures have also been implemented. A very expensive and praised work carried out by the RMJM Architects and the study Gorproject.

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