The Lovers in the Sky by Vence de Chagall

The Lovers in the Sky by Vence de Chagall
The Lovers in the Sky by Vence de Chagall

The Russian painter Marc Chagall settled in the south of France since 1950. Specifically in Vence, in Provence, a land whose color and light had already been loved and painted by artists like Henri Matisseor Pablo Picasso. And of course, those luminous colors made his tones and palette even more resplendent, at the same time that he is a mature painter, so you can also see in his paintings that experience has refined his art and has made it deeper, even if he continues to play some songs identical to those of his youth.


The Lovers in the Sky by Vence de Chagall

A good example is this oil on canvas that he did between 1956 and 1960. Even the title is telling us about that natural scene so bright:Lovers in the sky of Vence.

As he has already done in other previous paintings of his, he returns to us with a scene starring a couple in love. He portrays the emotion of love, but as usual he does it from a somewhat dreamlike interpretation, in which dream and memory are mixed.

And to do so, he draws on his long creative and aesthetic baggage. For example, he uses the cubist experiences of years ago to build compositions from planes that intersect and overlap. He is transfiguring those different planes in a treatmentpictorial completely removed from the Cubist theories. He has transformed those decompositions of shots and points of view into something else.

On the other hand, he is capable of linking all the elements to create a pictorial and conceptual unit. In reality, it makes us see a scene wrapped in a transparent atmosphere where people and objects have no weight, they are so light that they are capable of ascending to the sky. In some way, it tells us about a fantasy love, a dream love that materializes in a bouquet.

We observe the ethereal couple occupying an entire ascending diagonal in the composition. Their bodies are so light and transparent that we see in their silhouettes the blue colors of the sky and of the Mediterranean region whose splendid vegetation is represented by a large palm tree. While at the feet of the couple in love, in the lower right corner there is a candlestick and on it a huge bouquet of flowers of various colors, all of them very vivid and powerful. A bouquet crowned by the circle of the Moon itself, which becomes another flower.

In short, we see a painter who returns to painting figures that are almost flying and in love, as he had done in other previous works. But without a doubt, over the years he has become a more complex and also freer artist, who wants to escape from any method and theory, as he himself confessed in his last years of life.

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