Flame Towers in Baku

Flame Towers in Baku
Flame Towers in Baku

The Flame Towers in Baku with their maximum height of 190 meters are far from being the tallest buildings in the world, however they have a quality that makes them a true prodigy of contemporary architecture, and its absolutely curved design. A form that generates the image of the triple flame of fire that gives them their name.


Flame Towers of Baku

Without a doubt it is an extraordinary construction and only conceivable in a place of enormous we alth, such as modern Azerbaijan on the shores of the Caspian Sea, where oil and gas wells, they mean that a modernization has been carried out here, comparable to that which has taken place in other places of the Persian Gulf. And it is precisely here, in Baku or in cities like Dubai, where contemporary architects can undertake very innovative construction challenges and also with gigantic budgets.

In this case, the Flame Towers in the Azeri capital were designed by the firm HOK Architects, who confessed that they aspired to do something truly new that would represent the future. And of course they succeeded, and today this triple construction is part of the image of the city and all of Azerbaijan, both during the day and at night, since part of the project is the attractive and variable night lighting that emits.

The relationship between architecture and fire is linked to the old rites and beliefs of thecountry, but it can also be understood as those fossil fuel flares that erupt from the earth and currently give the country its we alth.

The design, created by Pierre Baillargeon, is extremely audacious, but perhaps the most incredible thing was the construction, as they had to withstand earthquakes and very strong winds, which they stopped the work on more than one occasion, and that they prevented the work with cranes.

Each of the three towers has a different use. The largest is a residential space, the middle one is an exclusive hotel, and the smallest, 140 meters high, is an office complex. And the trio is joined at its base by a huge podium incorporated into the structure and used by the population as a large shopping and entertainment center in Baku.

The main structural material is reinforced concrete, although its peculiar shapes, especially in the upper parts, are achieved with filigree frames created with steel tubes. To this we must add the fully glazed "skin" of its irregular facades, where the thousands and thousands of LED lights that give it its emblematic lighting also stand out. Whether it's day or night, Baku's Flame Tower are visible from anywhere in the city, and also from around the Caspian Sea.

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