Georgia O'Keefe: The Faraway by Isabel Marías

Georgia O'Keefe: The Faraway by Isabel Marías
Georgia O'Keefe: The Faraway by Isabel Marías

This floral and ephemeral creation created in 2021 by Isabel Marías serves as an example to reflect on the multiple relationships that exist in the world of artistic creation.

To begin with because the work has a specific and punctual duration, whose trigger is the celebration of a retrospective exhibition of the American artist Georgia O'Keefe at the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza. And for this reason, and also coinciding with the splendor of spring, Isabel Marías has proposed this unique tribute to the artist and her many works dedicated to the plant world, which we have already talked about here in a previous post.


Georgia O'Keefe, The Faraway by Isabel Marías

In the garden of the Hotel Palacio de los Duques in Madrid this floral landscape made up of more than 6,000 flowers and plants has been installed, which must be replenished as the days go by so that everything is always fresh and shiny. In this way, the flowers of calla lilies and orchids, carnations and cacti, amaryllis and anthurium, and many others appear in the ensemble, but it is not just about flowers. There are also mosses, there is wood, mud, stone, sand, silica, glass,… which is also reminiscent of how the American painter was walking through nature and collecting all kinds of materials to later take them to her house and to the workshop. her.

The idea is to make a reference to those places ofNew Mexico that O’Keefe turned into their authentic paradises, both from a vital, aesthetic and creative point of view. It was what she called “faraway havens” and hence the name faraway for the facility.

Of course she has not tried to emulate those places, nor their nature. The idea is more conceptual and plays with that feeling of distant and paradisiacal refuge. And the aesthetic fact undoubtedly participates in this, and even the sense of smell as it is a work of floral gardening. But other meanings are also important, since the installation is completed with a musical piece composed for the occasion by such an award-winning and contemporary author as Fernando Vacas.

In short, this piece raises the current state of the art world in which there is an evident multidisciplinary concept. To which is added the idea of ​​spectacles, shows, events, it can be called in various ways. And it is even related to the promotion of tourism and leisure for citizens. And as if that were not enough, it is more than clear that art feeds back into art, a painter from the past is the one who inspires a creator from the present. A process that never stops, since all the artists look for their references, are inspired by them and pay them their most personal tributes.

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