Play it by trust by Yoko Ono

Play it by trust by Yoko Ono
Play it by trust by Yoko Ono

Being the partner of John Lennon, Yoko Ono's artistic career was overshadowed for a long time by the shadow of the musician. However, the truth is that the Japanese was already a committed creator when she met theBeatle. An example is this work where all the pieces and all the squares on the chessboard are white. A concept that she has returned to several times from the first version in 1966 to the last in 2011.


Play it by trust by Yoko ono

The art of Yoko Ono (1933 -) regardless of format or technique, has always been conceptual. Since its inception, aligned with the Fluxus group to which other irreverent creators such as Maciunas or Joseph Beuys belonged. Although in the case of Yoko Ono there has always been a more evident political and ideological commitment, as in this work, which is the umpteenth pacifist statement of the Japanese (it must be remembered that she was finally recognized as co-author of the famous song Imagine).

On this large all-white board it is clear that war is useless. It doesn't matter how the chips are placed. They are all the same. All the boxes and all the chips. The metaphor is obvious. Also all people, wherever they are, are the same.

The concept was presented for the first time in a gallery in London and then the scale or the arrangement of thepieces numerous times. And of course it has also appeared in the occasional event related to chess itself.

Peace has always attractedOnoas a theme, something that is related to his own biography. And it is that she was born inTokyo, but as a child she already traveled several times toUnited States. And that both countries were facing each other in the context of the Second World War. So the war marked her character and hence her subsequent dislike. Something that he has reflected in this work, in the famous song, in the Imagine Peace Tower that he did in 2007 in Icelandia honoring Lennon, in endless acts and performances, in his compositions with the rock band Plastic Ono Band or in his experimental films. And even she was seeing an exhibition against theVietnam Warwhen she met John Lennon, whom she married in 1969 and with whom she carried out numerous anti-war acts.

Of all of them, an initiative that had enormous repercussions was the “bedridden for peace”. Something they did twice, in Amsterdam and in Montreal. In both cities they decided to stay for a couple of weeks without getting out of bed and with the presence of the media in order to show the world a non-violent demonstration and ask for peace.

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